Courtney says when she first met her boyfriend, Ryan, on a dating app, she was drawn to his personality. But now, a year into their relationship which she says is filled with cheating, lies and fighting, she wonders if it can survive.


“I think I fell in love with him a little too fast,” says 20-year-old Courtney.


Ryan admits that he has been unfaithful. “I had been dating Courtney about two months before we went on a family cruise. That’s the first time I cheated on Courtney,” he says, admitting that he has since cheated with four or five girls. “Courtney got physically aggressive toward me. Courtney actually, like, cocked back and swung at me.”


But the 23-year-old says that Courtney’s lies are just as bad as his cheating. He says that Courtney learned that she was pregnant four weeks after the cruise, and that once they “got past the cheating situation, we were excited to have the baby.” Until Courtney said she was going to end the pregnancy.


“Since I didn’t feel like I could trust him, I started to talk to him about having an abortion,” Courtney says.


Ryan says he didn’t agree with her decision. “If Courtney were to get an abortion, I just didn’t want to be around her anymore. I was partying a lot. I was living the single life again,” he says.


But Courtney didn’t have an abortion – and didn’t tell Ryan. 


“Ryan thought this whole time that I had an abortion. I never told Ryan that I didn’t go through with it,” Courtney says.


Ryan claims he learned that Courtney was still pregnant during one of their fights. “She said something like, ‘You don’t even realize what you have.’ She said, ‘I’m still pregnant with your child.’ I was freaking out. It went from having a baby, to having it aborted, to having a baby again,’” Ryan says. “Once I found out she was pregnant, I focused just on her and the baby.”


But Courtney, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, says she fears Ryan is still cheating. “He’s not being faithful, he’s acting like a teenager, going out and drinking. He needs to just calm down and be a family man,” she says.


On Friday’s show, hear from Courtney’s family – with whom Courtney and Ryan live -- who say the couple is so absorbed in their own drama, they leave most of the parenting to Courtney’s mom. And, Dr. Phil tells the couple how they can determine if there’s a future for their relationship.