Twenty-year-old Allie admits that she lies, but she says she doesn’t know why she does it and says sometimes, she can’t even remember making up the lies.


“When I tell stories, I don’t know that I’m doing it at the time, until people confront me,” Allie says.


Allie admits that when she was a teen, some of the lies she told included lying about being pregnant, her dad dying in a car accident and her stepfather pushing her down the stairs.


“Sometimes, I think to myself, why did I do that, how did I do that, when did I do that, did I actually do that?” she adds.


Allie’s mom and stepdad claim Allie’s lies are ruining their lives and have cost them relationships with family and friends, their business, more than $100,000 in legal fees and have landed them both behind bars.


“Everything Allie said was completely and absolute lies. None of those things happened whatsoever,” says Mike, who says he is often the target of his stepdaughter’s lies. “After she tells these stories, she’ll tell people it never happened and then she could come back a few months later and say, ‘No, it was true.’ You have to pick between the lines and figure out what the real truth is.”


Ruth adds, “Allie needs to wake up before she destroys her life completely.”


In the video above, Dr. Phil examines some of the lies Allie has reportedly told over the years, including lying about pregnancies, miscarriages, infertility and family members dying, many of which Allie says she has no recollection of telling.


“There’s a theme here,” Dr. Phil says, “They’re all about loss, which gets sympathy and attention.”


On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil shares what he thinks may be at the root of Allie’s behavior. And, he reveals three common reasons why people lie. Watch more here.