“My sister and I do not have a relationship. I don’t want Adrianna in my life,” says Haley of her younger sister. “Adrianna thinks I’m an embarrassment. Adrianna tells everyone that I am a crazy person and a habitual liar.”

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Adrianna says her sister’s accusations are lies. She says Haley has a problem with lying, and has told people she was 9 months pregnant with baby Jesus and that her father is Eminem. However, Adrianna says she tries to defend her sister.

“I want to know why Haley hates me so much,” Adrianna says. “She’s always been the mean older sister. I think she resents me because I didn’t drop out of high school and I’m going to college.”

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In the video above, Haley explains to Dr. Phil why she blames Adrianna for her problems. This episode airs Friday. And on Monday, see what happens backstage when Haley’s family shows her some tough love. Check here to see where you can watch.

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