When Brittany last appeared on the show, she said her boyfriend, Tim, was abusive, but she was considering marrying him anyway. Now, Tim is engaged to Krysten. Will she heed Brittany’s warnings?


When Brittany last appeared on the show, Dr. Phil told her to take her infant daughter and leave her boyfriend, Tim, who admitted was physically abusive. Brittany confesses that she didn’t take Dr. Phil’s advice and stayed.

Two days after the show aired, Child Protective Services came to their home, took their baby, who was put in foster care, prompting Brittany to leave Tim for good.

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Why does Brittany say she didn’t leave Tim despite Dr Phil’s warning? And, learn what Brittany must do to regain custody of her daughter.

Tim and Brittany

Brittany says when she left Tim, he messaged girls online for female companionship and started up a relationship with Krysten, proposing to her before they had met in person. Brittany says when she learned of their romance, she reached out to Krysten. “I tried to warn her, but she just ignored it,” Brittany says of Krysten, who she describes as “foolish, irresponsible, immature and insecure.”

Tim says that Brittany consistently meddles in his relationship and hacks into his accounts. He says all he wants is to regain custody of his baby daughter, co-parent with Brittany and move on with his life with Krysten.

Tim reflects on his experience on the show and the changed man he says he’s become.

Dr. Phil questions Brittany’s motives for contacting Tim's new love interest. And, Brittany and Tim face off.


Krysten says that Brittany “put everything on Tim” and is “obsessed with ruining Tim’s life.”

Must-See: Krysten joins the show — how much does she know about Tim’s past?

The Experts Weigh In

Dr. Frank Lawlis of the PNP Center joins the show. He says Tim visited the center and brain scans showed Tim to be impulsive and immature, but indicated no other major physical problem. Dr. Lawlis says Tim is still over-reactive and needs coaching on how to handle stressful situations.

Tim admits that he never sought out the therapist the show provided for him. Dr. Phil vows to help Tim find someone to talk to.

Child advocate and attorney Areva Martin weighs in on the couple’s chances of regaining custody of their young daughter.

The Future

Hear Krysten’s main concern. And, does she plan to pursue a relationship with Tim?