In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Matt, a 17-year-old football star from North Carolina, who is charged with second-degree rape — and his alleged victim — speak out about how one alcohol-fueled night changed their lives in an instant. How do they describe the events of that night? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Unsupervised Party

Matt says in December 2012, he and three friends, Vinny, Tyler and Wesley, had a party at Tyler’s house, while Tyler’s parents were out of town. He says his parents, Dianne and Mark, were unaware that the teens were alone at the house — and they would not have allowed him to go, had they known.

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Matt says Wesley wanted to “hook up with” the 16-year-old girl, who is now claiming rape against all four boys. He says Wesley texted and called the girl on the night of the party. “She told Wesley that yes, she would want to come over, and yes, she would want to have sex with him,” Matt claims.

What does Matt say happened at the party?

Consensual Sex?

Matt says after rumors of sexual assault spread around his school, he was arrested and charged with second-degree rape, along with the other three boys.

“I’m not a rapist,” Matt insists. “I had consensual sex with a girl, and she wanted to.” He adds, “She isn’t telling the truth.” Matt claims that he and the girl had established a sexual relationship a few months prior to that night and that she was just a friend, not his girlfriend.

Matt’s parents, Mark and Dianne, believe their son’s account. “The only thing he’s guilty of is having premarital sex,” Dianne says.

Mark, a police officer, grows emotional when describing his son’s arrest. “I couldn’t believe it,” he says, choking back tears. “I just don’t understand how it can be second-degree rape. Everything was based on he said, she said.” He says he feels like his son is a victim and that the story has received so much attention because his son is a football star. “People like to see big figures go down.” He says he thinks the alleged victim “was embarrassed” by the attention the incident has received and ended up going along with the sexual assault rumors “to save face.”

Dianne says she believes the girl is “getting a thrill” out of the publicity surrounding the rape accusations. “I was following her Facebook page, because she was friends with Matthew for quite a while after this had happened, and she kept gaining friends,” she says. “So, I felt like she was milking it over the attention that she was receiving.”

“I feel like the girl has a big responsibility in this,” Mark says. “When she showed up to the party, she was the only girl; and I know she had a cell phone. If the girl wanted to leave, all she had to do was make a phone call.”

Matt explains why he feels the charges against him are unfair. Does he think he did anything wrong that night?

“You say that she barely drank, she only had three or four shots?”

Matt explains how rumors started at school — and how he claims the girl reacted to them. Plus, does he have any regrets?

Drinking as a Defense?

Dr. Phil tells Matt that being drunk does not qualify as a rape defense. “I asked that question of my Twitter followers, and people got upset at even asking the question, let alone offering it as a defense,” he tells the teen.

“Girls have sex being drunk all the time,” Dianne interjects. “So, if you’re going to go ahead and say that every girl who’s ever been drunk has been raped, then that is unfair; that is not true.”

“You’re setting up a paper tiger here, Dianne,” Dr. Phil responds. “We’re not saying, nor is every girl who’s ever had sex while drinking or drunk, saying that they were raped. But you now have a girl who says, ‘I was given alcohol. I got drunk, and I wound up having sex with three or four boys and did not want to.’ That’s rape.”

Dianne claims that the girl chose not to have sex with the last boy. “She wanted to have sex with the first three boys,” she claims. “The girl did say yes to three people and no to the fourth person.”

Mark alleges that the girl claimed to be unconscious because of the alcohol, yet — according to him — she has been able to restate what happened that night.

“She had three or four shots, and you say she is not a reliable historian because of that,” Dr. Phil responds. “[Matt] had 10 or 12 shots. So, how can you regard him as a reliable historian?”

“Why is she not accused of rape?” Dianne asks. “She started with him; he is a boy.”

“It’s not only guys out there raping girls,” Mark says. “Girls can rape guys.”

“People who are legally drunk do not have the capacity to give consent.”

The Alleged Victim Speaks Out

Dr. Phil sits down with the girl who is accusing the boys of rape. She admits that she and Matt had a previous sexual relationship, but she says she knew Tyler the best out of the group. “I liked Tyler more than Matt,” she says, adding that she had never even kissed Tyler before that night. She also claims that the boys told her there were two other girls at the party, but when she arrived, she was alone with the boys.

She says she's had to change schools as a result of the attention surrounding the boys' arrests. “I tried going back to my old school because I thought I could make it work, but — ” she says. When asked what happened when she returned to her old school, she responds, “I was being basically ridiculed, and they would tell me that I was in the wrong because I was destroying everyone’s future.”

How does she describe the events of that night?

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