Sex addiction: Is it a real disorder or just an excuse for bad behavior? Marcos and Yvette are a husband and wife who both claim they can’t stop having affairs. And, Staci says she meets strangers for sex anytime and anywhere — and has never turned down a proposition. Is there validity to their addiction claims, or are they just behaving badly? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

One couple, Two Double Lives

Marcos says his sex addiction of 17 years has caused him to have more than 3,000 partners and lead a life of deception. He says his “secret double life” began in college. He admits to having girlfriends but also engaging in cybersex, watching as much as eight hours of porn in a day and meeting women for trysts.

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Marcos says since getting married nine years ago, he has had thousands of partners and fills his need anywhere he can, including strip clubs, gay bath houses and even performing in adult films. “My sex addiction is a daily struggle,” he says.

“My husband was a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Yvette says, of meeting her husband. “I didn’t know he was a sex addict. I was traumatized and devastated.”

Yvette says Marcos’ sex addiction has led to her drinking problem, and she admits she has consumed as many as six big bottles of wine in a day. She says the drinking, angst about Marcos’ liaisons and even boredom, has led to her infidelity. But, she says she’s a "love addict, " not a sex addict, like her husband claims to be. “It’s game on,” she says. She continues, “I’m obsessed with hooking up with other men. I cannot maintain monogamy in a relationship with one guy. I have a wandering eye.” She says being with someone new constantly is her way of clinging to the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship.

“The last time I had an affair was three weeks ago. I think I’m due for another one,” she giggles. “When the opportunity presents itself, I go for it. No one can stop me.”

Dr. Phil questions whether the couple has an actual addiction — and why they haven’t sought help before.

Psychologists Dr. Douglas Weiss and Dr. David Ley, who have opposing views on sex addiction, weigh in. Then, Dr. Phil gives his opinion.

Obsessed with Sex

Staci admits to being consumed with sex for the past 20 years. She says she’s a 40-year-old with the libido of an 18-year-old boy. She says sex is an “adrenaline rush” and is controlling her life. She admits she’s had sex under bridges, in parks and even on the hood of her car. “I go to the extreme,” she says. She even confesses to having sex with a stranger who called her cell phone by mistake.

Staci says she desperately wants help. “I don’t want to have to rely on anyone for self-gratification. I want to make myself feel better,” she says.

Staci’s friend, Stacey, says she worries for her friend’s physical safety and risks to her health.

Staci shares a video diary of her battle with sex addiction.

Dr. Phil presents his theories why Staci could be acting out sexually.

Dr. Phil offers Staci help, and she accepts. “I don’t like being like this,” she says.

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