Self-professed monster in-law Khalood is back — with shocking news! Hear why Khalood has another bone to pick with Dr. Phil. And, don’t miss the surprising news she says she can’t wait to tell Dr. Phil and his viewers. Plus, is she still feuding with her son-in-law and daughter, Fallon? And, are Fallon and her husband still living in her home? Fallon says her mother is even more meddling and controlling than ever, and it’s making her want to push Khalood away more than ever. Is Khalood’s behavior the only problem, or is there something deeper at play? Hear the heartfelt email that Fallon sent to Dr. Phil — without her mother’s knowledge. And, don’t miss her heart-to-heart with Dr. Phil. Plus, Fallon’s father, Jerry, weighs in. Hear why he says the relationship between Khalood and their daughter is now in a “death spiral.” Is it too late to repair the damage?

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She’s Baaaaack!

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Khalood gives a shocking update. Find out who is no longer a part of this family. And, why does Khalood say she wants an apology from Dr. Phil?

“Things got worse since Dr. Phil showed up here at the house, and I’m not happy about it,” Khalood reports. “Fallon and [her husband] moved out right after Dr. Phil told them to move, in November. Now, Fallon has gotten really bad, and her marriage failed. I feel I’m always at odds with Fallon, and she’s gone downhill, the way she’s starting to look, dress, not eating right. She’s living in her own condo — she’s always alone, she’s always sleeping. I’m not surprised one bit that Steven and Fallon’s marriage failed. Didn’t even make it two years into the marriage, for God’s sake, so yeah, he was a mistake. When I found out that Fallon and Steven were getting divorced, I was happy. I’m finally getting rid of his dumb ass. If she had just listened to us, this would’ve never happened. Honestly, that was the worst mistake of her life.”

“I have big bone to pick with Dr. Phil.”

Fallon explains what happened to her marriage — and her efforts to have a child.

A Distancing Daughter

Fallon says after realizing that she may never have her own children, she went through "a dark period" and reflected on her marriage and what she did wrong. She admits she may have been controlling with her husband — a trait she realizes she shares with her mother. Fallon says she’s distanced herself from her mother while she tries to heal, and although Khalood calls her as many as 20 times a day, she's stopped answering her calls or returning them.


Khalood says she secretly made a copy of her daughter’s house key, and lets herself in two to three times a week when Fallon is gone, to take a look around and make sure her daughter is OK.

She enters Fallon's home and shows Dr. Phil cameras the mess she claims was left behind by her son-in-law, and the wedding photo that Khalood defaced. Khalood sees liquor bottles and takes photos of them. She also feeds and cleans up after the dog, and says that's her main reason for breaking into her daughter’s home. "I don't have grandkids, but I have granddogs."

Khalood and Fallon face each other onstage. “You’re like the crazy stalker woman!”

Khalood’s husband, Jerry, says, “In each of the past episodes of Dr. Phil, we’ve gotten progressively better as a family, but now the relationship between my daughter and my wife has gone into a death spiral, and it’s really sad. Khalood keeps trying to butt into Fallon’s life, trying to tell her what to do, and she’s just not letting her be the adult that she really is.” Jerry says he tries to influence his daughter to make the right decisions, but his main goal is to support her when she needs it. “Khalood constantly barrages Fallon with phone calls, with texts, with emails. Khalood needs to give Fallon her space,” he says.

Fallon describes what her new single life is like. And, Khalood and Jerry see something they don’t like on Fallon’s Facebook.

Dr. Phil has advice for Khalood. Will she listen? “If you want a different result, choose a different behavior.”

Dr. Phil asks Fallon if she has a question for him. She says, “Since I’m dating, I don’t know how to introduce a guy to her. I’m afraid of ever bringing a guy home.”

“She should be,” Khalood interjects.

Dr. Phil agrees. “You should be.”

“You need to be independent.”

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