In a Dr. Phil exclusive, grieving parents open up about their daughter’s tragic death to help save other teens who may be making dangerous choices online. Jason and Kristine say Kristine's 15-year-old daughter, Nichole, was allegedly abducted and killed by a man she had been communicating with on Facebook. The couple shares their heartbreaking story — and a powerful message — with Mary, Jude and 17-year-old Missy, who admits to fearlessly engaging in relationships with random men she meets online. Will their experience make an impact? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Missy’s Lies

Dr. Phil lists the lies that Missy admits she’s told: She's claimed Jude was sexually abusive, yet she says that’s not true; she’s told her family that she’s with girlfriends, when she’s really meeting guys; she's told her mother that she met guys in school, when she really met them online; she told people that her brother, Chris, died while trying to save her life when she was drowning; and she told a school counselor that her best friend died in a car accident. Missy says she’s not sure why she lies. “I guess, to get attention,” she confesses.

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Dr. Phil confronts Missy about her interactions with the guys she’s meeting online. “You don’t know if they’re registered sex offenders. You don’t know if they’re convicted felons. You don’t know if they’re rapists or pastors,” he says, questioning why she isn’t more concerned about meeting them in person.

Missy says she’s looking for love and affection — in the wrong places. “I shouldn’t be, like, doing that, and I know I shouldn’t, but, like, I just can’t really help myself, because I feel like nobody else cares about me,” she says. “So, I go on the Internet and talk to these guys, and get in the car and hang out with them.”

Why does Missy say she doesn’t really care about what happens to her?

When asked what she’s most ashamed of, Missy responds, “My appearance.” She says she wishes she was prettier and thinner. When asked what she likes best about herself, she replies, “Nothing.”

“What would you think if you had a friend who said that there was not one redeeming quality about him or her?” Dr. Phil asks the teen.

“That they’re crazy,” Missy responds.

“I do think that everything is beautiful in its own time, and that God has a plan that we don’t always understand,” Dr. Phil says. “What if you’re here for a reason?”

Dr. Phil tries to get through to the teen. “There are people who have lost their precious children, who would do anything on God’s Earth to have one more day and one more minute with them.” And, Mary and Missy share an emotional moment.

A Family’s Heartache

Kristine says her 15-year-old daughter, Nichole, was full of life and had many friends. And, like many teens, she spent a lot of time on the Internet. On the night of May 12, 2013 — Mother’s Day — Kristine says Nichole asked if she could meet a friend down the road. The teen never returned home.

Kristine's husband, Jason, says he went to check on Nichole the next morning, and she wasn’t in her room — and soon after, Kristine called 911. After an extensive search, Nichole’s body was found.

Kristine claims that Kyle Dube, the man charged with killing her daughter, had created a fake Facebook account to contact Nichole and lure her out of her home. According to the arrest affidavit, Dube planned on kidnapping Nichole and later pretending to find her, making him the hero. The affidavit also states that Dube waited in the woods for Nichole, with duct tape and wearing a ski mask.

Kristine says she never imagined this would happen to her daughter. “I can’t get the visions out of my head of what happened that night. Did she scream for her mommy? Did she scream for her daddy?” She continues, “It happened to my daughter, right on our road — it can happen to you.”

Kristine gives Missy a wake-up call. “She’d only met one person on the Internet, and that person ended her life.”

“You’ve gotten so many close calls.”

Kristine and Jason express concern about moving forward and protecting their two younger daughters. “I didn’t protect Nichole. Can I protect them?”

Dr. Phil offers the couple guidance for the difficult days ahead. “People grieve in very different ways.”

Kyle Dube, 20, has been indicted on charges of murder and kidnapping. He’s pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial.

Nichole’s Friends

Professional locator and father of eight Troy Dunn speaks candidly with Nichole’s friends and their mothers about their online activity. Have they taken additional precautions since losing their friend?

“Absolutely,” one mom responds, adding that she made her daughter remove Facebook friends whom she didn’t actually know — about half of the list.

Another mom says she was shocked to discover that people can create fake Facebook pages. Her daughter admits that before Nichole’s death, she would’ve complained about having to tell her mother where she was and whom she was meeting — but now, she understands why that’s so important.

Troy has partnered with a software firm to develop DadGuard, a powerful tool for parents to help monitor their child’s online activity.