Tina and David say not only do their sons, Michael and Matthew, smoke pot, drive under the influence, and behave disrespectfully toward them - they also claim their older son, Michael, deals drugs.

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“My mom automatically assumes I’m a drug dealer because I smoke weed – and she thinks if you smoke weed you deal drugs,” says 21-year-old Michael, denying the allegation.

“They seriously do treat pot like it’s meth,” says 16-year-old Matthew. He claims his parents allow him to drink alcohol at home, but when it comes to marijuana; his mother “always thinks the worst of Mike and I because we smoke pot. She’s overreacting – like – it’s a plant.”

Michael says he recently moved out of his parents’ home. He claims his mother is a “psycho” who exaggerates everything, and his dad has a “very short temper.”

Matthew has since gone to stay with his older brother. “I left a couple of days ago because my parents are psycho.”

Tina and David say they blame Michael for being a bad influence on his younger brother.

The brothers say it’s their parents who need help – not them. Does Dr. Phil agree? This episode airs Monday.

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Why A Dad Says He Allowed His Sons To Smoke Pot At Home