“My whole life changed the day I met Jasmine, because she’s the most spectacular woman I’ve ever met, and she makes me so [expletive] happy,” says Bailey. “Even though I’ve never met her in person, she’s with me in a really weird subliminal universe way. I talk to her in my head.”
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The 21-year-old says that after “liking” one of Jasmine’s tweets, their relationship blossomed. She says she feels Jasmine all around her and even claims Jasmine tells her to do things in her head.

Bailey’s mom, Ericka, however, says she’s lost her daughter to this fixation with Jasmine.

“Bailey is completely delusional about her love life,” Ericka says. “Bailey creates extensive conversations and scenarios in her head that she’s had with Jasmine. It’s not real. It’s not happening. It’s in Bailey’s head. Right now, I fear for my daughter’s sanity.”

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“In a sense, I’ve been in a relationship with myself for eight months, but I know it’s Jas inside me, and it’s a real relationship,” Bailey says.

Who is Jasmine, and what does she say about her relationship with Bailey? Find out on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. And on Tuesday, see what happens when Bailey comes face-to-face with Jasmine for the first time. Check here to see where you can watch.

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