“When I make my prank videos, I go up to people at the mall. I’ll try to steal their wallets or steal their phones and run away,” says Jessy. She films the encounters and posts them to social media. “When people watch it, they want that shock factor … I’m doing stuff that people are too scared to do.”

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The 21-year-old says her online fame started three years ago after a social media feud went viral. Now, she says she has 180,000 followers, which she says helps her get recognized and get perks. So when her Instagram account was temporarily deleted, Jessy says she had a meltdown – which she recorded and also posted to social media.

WATCH: ‘I’m Nothing Without My Following,’ 21-Year-Old Says In Viral ‘Meltdown’ Video
Dr. Phil questions the young woman as to why her account was taken down and if it was related to comments she made that were considered racist. How does she explain?
Hear more of her story on Thursday’s episode. And, former Dr. Phil guest Ava returns and admits that she put on an act to gain followers when she first appeared on Dr. Phil. Did she change her behavior? And, will Jessy take her advice? Check here to see where you can watch.

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