Jacquelyn and Jody say they don’t know how their 21-year-old daughter, Hannah, went from being a happy, loving child to being angry all the time and having a criminal record.

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“When Hannah was younger, she had dreams of going to college with her very best friend,” says Jacquelyn, who says she suspects her daughter might be escorting. She and her husband, Jody, say they have cut Hannah off, and won’t allow her in their home.

Hannah adamantly denies escorting. She claims she “finesses” guys on social media, and sells pictures of herself to earn money.

“I do want to be successful,” says Hannah, adding, “I want to end up having nice cars, a nice house, married, kids – all that.”

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Jody says, “My wife and I at this time don’t think Hannah has a clue of what it takes to live a life and support yourself.”

“Hannah may have some grand dreams,” says Jacquelyn, “But she has to understand; in order to have these dreams, you actually have to work for them.”

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