Classic Dr. Phil

Are you a slave to your cell phone? Does your husband spend more one-on-one time with the TV than he does with you or your children?  Dr. Phil talks to men who have traded quality time with their wives for time with their gadgets, stepping in just in time with advice that can save their relationships.

Cell Phone-aholic
Kelly is fed up with her husband, Todd's, attachment to his cell phone. He spends more time on his phone than he does with Kelly and their two kids. Can this cell phone-aholic let go of his favorite activity?


See the advice Dr. Phil gives Todd and Kelly.

Update: See how they're doing today. 



Too Much TV
Lisa's husband Gregg watches TV in the morning, during dinner and throughout the night! She is sick of his obsession and is worried about their two kids who can't fall asleep without the TV.


Dr. Phil helps this family become TV-free.

Update: See how they're doing today.