Heather says her 19-year-old daughter, Nicki, has a history of lying and has faked two pregnancies and fabricated a recent childbirth. Nicki insists that although she did fake one pregnancy, she really was pregnant the second time but had an abortion and was too scared to tell her mom. What will a polygraph test reveal?

“She Was Not Pregnant”

Heather says her 19-year-old daughter, Nicki, has a history of lying and has faked two pregnancies, including a recent childbirth — and she worries about her daughter’s mental stability. She says Nicki first told people she was pregnant at age 15 and let the lie continue for several months. “She was not pregnant,” Heather says, adding that a negative pregnancy test provided confirmation. “I believe she faked the pregnancy to hold on to this boy, and she liked the attention she was getting from saying that she was pregnant.”

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At 16, Heather says Nicki began dating another boy — who was later convicted of child molestation — and they were together for three years. “She said she was pregnant when she was 19,” she says, adding that Nicki, who had a history of running away from home, moved out of state. “I asked her for a pregnant picture of herself, and she sent it to me and said that she was 34 weeks along,” Heather recalls. “In the picture, she was just sticking her belly out to make herself look pregnant.” She continues, “The icing on the cake was that she sent me pictures of this baby, and I really thought I was a grandmother.” She says Nicki begged her to make the baby – whom she named Aubrie — a blanket, so she did. At that point, she says she and her husband, David, grew excited.

“I actually started believing, ‘I’m a grandpa,’” David says.

Heather says she grew suspicious after Nicki sent her a second picture of the baby the next day, and the infant looked 3 months older. “She finally came clean when I told her I was coming to visit the baby,” Heather says. “She sent me a message saying that she had an abortion, and she didn’t want to tell me because I would look at her differently. She faked it.”

“I was heartbroken that I had been lied to,” David says.

Heather says she doesn’t believe Nicki was ever really pregnant. “I believe she lied to hold onto this other boy, again,” she says. “I think she could possibly be bipolar.” She continues, “I just fear what she’s capable of.”

How does Nicki explain herself? And, why does she say her mother needs to take ownership in the situation?

“What did you say to yourself about the fact that the day was going to come when they were going to know there was no baby?”

Hear some of the messages that Nicki sent to a family member of the baby’s alleged father. And, does Dr. Phil catch Nicki in a lie?

Concerned Aunt

Heather’s sister, Pamela, says that Nicki has poor self-esteem — and she blames Heather. “My sister has not been a good role model to her children,” she says, adding that Heather got pregnant at a young age. She also says that Heather moved her family around too much and did not provide a stable environment. “Heather has brought bad men into the girls’ lives.” She says Nicki witnessed Heather arguing with her ex-husband and, as a result, would throw herself onto the floor, pull her hair out and “throw fits.”

Pamela says her sister has also been critical of Nicki's appearance. “Heather has told Nicki that she was too fat, and she needed to exercise,” she says. “I think that if Nicki lived with her mom again that there would be more physical and verbal fights going on, and I think it would just move everybody in the wrong direction.”

Onstage, Heather admits that she has been married three times, which may have affected her daughter. “In that aspect, I think there has been a lot of confusion for her,” she says. She says as far as moving around a lot, Nicki was in the same school until freshman year, when they moved to a nearby small town. “I was in the military. That’s what we do — we move,” she adds. “Yes, that is hard on kids.”

Does Heather take ownership in the situation?

Heather reveals a source of pain from the family’s past that she says Nicki made worse. “Nicki had a desire to get back at me for something, and so, that’s where she went.”

Dr. Phil reads the results of Nicki’s polygraph test. Was she ever pregnant?

Dr. Phil offers to provide Nicki with professional help in improving her self-esteem and how she treats others, and she accepts.