Kristin says she’s desperate for an intervention for her 18-year-old daughter, Sara, who is seven months pregnant and admits to smoking cigarettes and marijuana daily and using cocaine and heroin. Kristin says she not only fears for Sara’s life but is also terrified for the welfare of her unborn grandson — and she doesn’t know what to do. Sara says she’s not worried about her drug use, because she has seen other expectant mothers do the same, and “their babies are fine.” She says she’s not an addict and insists she only makes bad choices when she’s around her 20-year-old sister, Sadie, who is also abusing drugs. The siblings claim they haven’t used any drugs in two weeks, except for marijuana. What will their drug tests reveal? And, Dr. Phil uncovers shocking details about their childhoods — is there a family legacy that needs to be broken? Plus, will Sara realize the dangers her unborn child could be facing?

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A Baby's Life in Danger?

“My 18-year-old daughter, Sara, is absolutely out of control,” Kristin says. “Sara started using drugs and drinking in middle school.”

“Sara’s drug use has escalated over the years, going from marijuana, to pills, to cocaine to heroin,” says Kristin’s husband, Ralph.
“No one can ever control me to this day. I’m going to do what I want,” Sara says.
Kristin says she turned to the court system for help and got Sara placed into different group homes for at-risk youth, but Sara would always get kicked out or run away. She says Sara went missing for four days after running away from a group home, and Kristin was terrified for her.

Regarding what happened during those four days, Sara says, “I’m not talking about that.”

Kristin and Ralph say Sara began spiraling more and more out of control, and one night when she was 16, she stole her mother’s car and ended up in a high-speed police chase, which resulted in a fiery crash, with police pulling her out of the car.

“I don’t know what to do,” Kristin says.

“I never feel like I know what Sara is going to do next,” Ralph says.

Eight months ago, Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer and says time may be running out to save her daughter — and her unborn grandchild. Sara is seven months pregnant.

“The first time I saw Sara high, after knowing she was pregnant, my heart just dropped.”

Kristin and Ralph join Dr. Phil, but Sara refuses to go onstage. Kristin reveals she has a 20-year-old daughter, Sadie, who is also abusing drugs.

A visibly distressed Sara walks onstage to join her parents. Has she used drugs since she arrived in LA? 

Sara denies going on a two-week heroin and cocaine binge one month ago. She says she used them early on in her pregnancy only.

“When you use those drugs in the first trimester of your pregnancy, brain, spine and central nervous system are at risk,” Dr. Phil tells her.

“I know, and I feel like a scumbag. Thank you,” Sara snaps.
“Yeah, well, you’re welcome. Thank you for abusing this child,” Dr. Phil retorts.

“That’s not what I want,” Sara says tearfully. “I messed up.”

“Let me tell you, I wouldn’t be talking to you, except I’m here to protect this child,” Dr. Phil tells her. “Why are you doing it?”

“I can’t be around my sister. It sounds pathetic, but I just can’t be around her. She’s not a good influence on me,” she says. “I try to help her. I go months and months doing nothing, honestly, I swear, and then it’s right when she comes around.”

Dr. Phil questions Sara’s attitude and why she refused to take a drug test, and she storms off.

A Family Legacy?

In a previous interview, Kristin opens up about her struggle with alcoholism when her girls were young. “I wasn’t really there for them because I was an active alcoholic. I was probably drinking six to nine beers a night.”

“I had my first drink when I was probably a toddler,” Sara reveals. “My mom used to leave her beers just lying around. Sadie and I would just walk up and just start chugging them.”

“I thought I was a good mother. I really did,” Kristin laments. “I was so caught up in the selfishness of alcoholism, I didn’t know anything else. I feel responsible for not giving them a more secure childhood that caused them to have to make the decisions that they do now.”

Onstage, Dr. Phil notes that there is an ongoing legacy in this family that must be broken. He notes that Kristin says Sara was pulling her own hair out at 2 years old and trying to jump out of windows at 5. “You do know that this child had extreme stress in her life because of the choices you made,” he tells Kristin. “So, you reap what you sow. You did it, now she’s doing it, and we are in real danger of this unborn child being born addicted.”

Sadie shares her struggles with addiction. And, Sara makes a revelation. 

“Sara, are you addicted to drugs?”

Dr. Phil reveals the results of Sadie’s drug test. And, Sara, who refused the drug test, makes a confession. “Once or twice isn’t, like, using.”

Sara insists her baby is fine. “He’s active all the time. Every doctor appointment says he’s growing healthy and everything,” she says.
Dr. Phil asks Sara why she refused to give producers contact information for her doctor.

After denying that she did, Sara eventually remembers and says she was in a bad mood at the time. “This is why I need to work on my anger,” she says. “It’s hard to explain.”

“It’s only hard to explain if you’re trying to deflect and confuse. It’s not hard to explain if you just tell the truth,” Dr. Phil says.

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