Minny says that in November 2012, her then 17-year-old son, Andrue, shot himself — and while hospitalized, she claims his biological father, David, kidnapped him and put him in what she calls a Mormon “cult.” Emotions run high when the parents come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage — how does David answer to the accusations? Plus, Andrue confronts his mother to tell his side of the story. Where does he want to live?

Minny’s Claims

Minny says that she met her son, Andrue’s, father, David, in college and had a “three-night stand” with him. “Being Andrue’s mother was stressful,” she says.

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Minny says she sent David an email to let him know what happened, and he came to see Andrue right away. “David or his wife called Child Protective Services, and they devised a plan for David to take Andrue from the hospital without my permission,” Minny says.

Andrue has had Stockholm syndrome,” she says. “He empathizes only with David, his wife and their family. They have given him everything to make him happy — to entice him to stay.”

She adds, “Andrue is very susceptible to brainwashing techniques because of his mental illnesses.”

Minny says she is now suing the county of Humboldt, CA, the hospital, several social workers and David and his wife. “What they did was wrong. It was a crime,” she insists. “David will go to jail.”

David’s Response

How does Minny explain the positive emails she sent to David and his wife? “She told us that you wanted him because you don’t have a son, and you need an heir to the Mormon throne,” Dr. Phil says to David.

Andrue Speaks Out

Andrue says he never felt like a normal child growing up, because his mother always told him he had severe mental problems. “She used to take me to doctors all the time, and they’d tell her I was normal, but she wouldn’t believe them,” he says. “She even told the schools I was autistic, and they put me in special ed programs.”

He claims that his life changed for the worse when he was 7 and his mother married Lon. “Lon physically and mentally abused me every day of my life for 10 years,” Andrue claims.

“My life now is very different,” Andrue says. “I have a girlfriend. I have a car. I graduated high school. I have a full-time job … Now I can live a normal life.” He continues, “I honestly want my mom to go away. I want her to stop suing the family I’m living with. She needs to realize that I’m gone and not coming back.”

“I had to work for meals,” Andrue claims. “I came in and cleaned the house, and at night they would kick me out to my tent. This happened from August until I shot myself, which was November.” He continues, “You would give me privileges and then take them away over stupid things — like I couldn’t load the dishwasher right. You guys would beat me for it,” Andrue claims.

“Nobody beat you,” Minny replies. “We grounded you a lot, but nobody beat you.”

“Tell them about your shirts, Lon,” Andrue says. “What happened when I couldn’t fix the collars right — when I couldn’t hang them up? You beat me with the hangers. You broke them on me.”

“No, Andrue,” Lon says. “It was that you couldn’t do the laundry, and you were ruining our clothes, so we asked you to stop doing laundry. Period. That’s it.” He adds, “That boy has never been beaten, Dr. Phil. You don’t beat a kid because he can’t process like we do.”

“One of the things that bothers me is: You heard a gunshot from your son’s room, but you never went in the room?”

“I was not the perfect mother, and I should have been there more for you,” Minny says to Andrue. “I didn’t realize what you were going through with your friends,” she continues. “That’s really why he shot himself. It wasn’t because he was living under ‘hell’ conditions.”

“Would you like to know why he says he shot himself?” Dr. Phil asks.

Andrue opens up about his suicide attempt — and makes a plea to Minny for peace. Will she hear him? Don’t miss Part 2!