In July 2012, Lorrie’s 36-year-old son, Aaron, was found dead on his couch — and she claims her daughter-in-law, Fawn, murdered him to collect his life insurance before their divorce was finalized. Fawn admits she was with Aaron the night he died but denies having anything to do with his death. Dr. Phil sorts through the details and enlists the help of a toxicologist — could Aaron have been poisoned to death?

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“My Son Was Murdered”

In July 2012, Lorrie’s 36-year-old son, Aaron, was found dead on his couch — and she claims her daughter-in-law, Fawn, murdered him to collect his life insurance before their divorce was finalized. “She contacted the insurance company the very day he died,” Lorrie claims, adding that Fawn “got a large amount of money.” She says Fawn was also “scorned,” because Aaron had moved on and was dating other women. “There’s just no doubt. She did it,” she says. “He was murdered, and there’s no one else who would have any motive, opportunity and the hate.” She continues, "She was there hours before he died; and just a few weeks from the day he died, she would have been divorced, with nothing. She walked away with everything."  

Lorrie claims that Fawn “thinks she’s a witch” and practices Wicca, a religion that is characterized by belief in the existence of magical powers in nature. She accuses Fawn of poisoning Aaron by giving him a marijuana cigarette laced with the toxic herb Hemlock — a claim Fawn denies. “[Hemlock] causes complete respiratory failure, and it’s exactly what killed my son,” she insists, adding that the herb grows wild in their area. "It looks just like wild carrot, unless you really know the difference." She says after researching online, she found that people poisoned with Hemlock die with a smile on their face. "My son had a smile on his face," she says. "He looked so peaceful."

Fawn denies killing Aaron and says that during their 8-year relationship, she never had any problems with his family — until he died. “On top of the hurt of losing my husband, is the hurt of being accused of killing him,” she says. “I don’t know why they think I poisoned him. What angers me the most is just the way they’ve treated me.”

“We all lost an amazing, amazing man,” she says tearfully. “I miss him every day.”

Lorrie and Fawn face off. "He didn't die of heart failure; that's a rumor you started."

Hear Aaron’s autopsy report — was anything suspicious found?

Aaron’s brother, Sam, says he believes Fawn could have killed his brother. He says that Fawn was very “jealous and violent” in the months leading up to Aaron’s death. “One night, Fawn threatened to kill my brother, right in front of his son,” he says. “Two weeks later, he was dead.” He also says Fawn has not acted like a grieving widow. “Weeks later, after he’s dead, she’s got a new boyfriend and a new house,” he says. “She walked away with everything.”

Lorrie accuses Fawn of changing Aaron’s Facebook relationship status from divorced to married, and Fawn responds, “I changed it to divorced when I found out he was cheating on me, and I changed it back to married way later, when I got tired of all those girls talking about him like he belonged to them; because he was my husband!”

“You filed for divorce,” Lorrie responds, and Fawn agrees, before Lorrie asks, “Did you threaten to kill him?”

“No, I did not,” Fawn says. She admits that she got a gun and used a picture of her and Aaron as target practice after she discovered he was communicating with another woman on Facebook. “I did shoot the picture,” she says, adding that she sent the video to Aaron via text message.

How does Fawn explain a restraining order that Aaron filed against her? And, why does she say Lorrie actually received Aaron’s life insurance money?

Dr. Cyrus Rangan observed Aaron’s autopsy report and toxicology screenings. Does he believe Hemlock could have caused Aaron’s death?

Private investigator Doug Kane examined Fawn and Aaron’s hard drive, which Lorrie claims should have been searched for clues — what did he find? 

“Either he was murdered, or he died of natural causes, but I need to know which.”