Emily estimates she’s cut herself close to a half million times over the last nine years. The 22-year-old says, “I’ve done this so much, I’ve cut over old scars.”

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She shares that she began cutting at 13, during a time when she alleges she suffering from physical abuse. “When I would self-harm I felt calm – I felt better,” she says.

Many times, says Emily, her cuts have gone too deep; causing her to be hospitalized twice for anemia. She also claims she’s had over 437 stitches and staples to close her self-inflicted wounds.

What role does Emily say social media plays in her struggle to stop cutting? On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, she opens up about why she says she believes it’s her mission to break the stigma surrounding self-harm and mental illness.

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Why A Woman Who Self-Harms Says It Shouldn’t Be A Taboo Subject