Identical twins Shaylen and Skyler admit they were best friends growing up – but now, Skyler says they have taken different paths and she claims their parents treat her like “the bad twin,” while they praise Shaylen for her accomplishments.

“My sister Shaylen is considered to be the ‘good twin,’” Skyler says.

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The twins’ mother, Sheri, claims she wants to support both daughters equally, but says that Skyler has been arrested for three DUIs in two years and been to rehab three times – just recently being released from a 30-day alcohol treatment program -- and that it’s possible she may be leading a secret double life as a “sugar baby.”

“I discovered naked photos and graphic videos,” Sheri claims of what she found on Skyler’s phone. “I found nude photos she sent to people and had received from people. There were hundreds of text messages asking for money.”

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Skyler insists she’s not a sugar baby and says that her mom has gone too far with her snooping, and it’s beyond an invasion of her privacy.

“If my mom thinks I was asking people for money, if it happened or not, it’s none of her business,” Skyler says. “I have male friends, and I have a sex life.”

In the video above, Sklyer confronts her mother about what she perceives as favoritism toward her sister.

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