Peter says he’s excited for his fiancée, Sandi, to come to Nigeria so they can get married. Despite being 22 and Sandi being 60, Peter says their relationship is real and insists he is not scamming her. And, Sandi agrees. She says the eight months they’ve been together have been the happiest of her life.
However, Sandi’s daughters say they believe she is being scammed and fear that if she goes to Nigeria, she may never come back.

How does Peter explain taking money from Sandi? Why doesn’t he have a job? And, is Peter marrying Sandi for a Green Card? He denies he’s marrying her for a Green Card and insists his love is real. Hear his explanation in the video above. Plus, Dr. Phil and Sandi’s daughters have some strong words for Peter. 
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "The Truth Behind Sandi’s Fiancé: Revealed," will Sandi listen to her daughters’ concerns, or will she fly to Nigeria to marry Peter? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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