Keltsey is 22, pregnant, and married to the 58-year-old father of her high school friend, Tara.

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“When we first got married, things were great, but over the course of the relationship, there’s been a lot of stress. It’s mostly because of the tension that Tara creates in the household,” says Keltsey. “My relationship with Tara is toxic because she’s a pretty negative person to be around.”

Tara, who still lives at home with Jim, says she suffers from severe social anxiety.

“Jim and I had a big argument one night and he pretty much told me that Tara’s problems were more important than mine. The fact that Jim always defends Tara is the biggest problem that we have in our relationship, and in the house,” says Keltsey. She claims Jim puts Tara on a pedestal, “so it makes me feel like the least important woman in his life.”

Tara says she wants Keltsey and her father to be happy but claims she has no one else in her life. Jim says he’s torn between his wife and his daughter.

Why does Keltsey say she’s frightened to raise her baby with Jim in their current environment? Tune in Friday for the conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil.

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