“My sister cannot control her emotions. It’s, like, an explosion,” says Anna about her younger sister, Alexandra. “Alexandra will lash out on me the minute that I cannot do something for her right away.”
Anna and Alexandra’s cousin, Nina, adds, “Alex can be really extreme. When Alex speaks to Anna and it doesn’t go in her favor, it’s automatic cursing, yelling.”

Alexandra, however, says, “I don’t consider myself an angry person at all. Like, I’m very patient.”
In the video above, hear why Nina claims Alexandra is disrespectful, and hear what Alexandra’s friend says about the 23-year-old’s behavior.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'$10,000 and Counting: My Sister’s 'Hypochondria' is Ruining Her Life'," Anna says Alexandra has been dealing with severe “hypochondria” since she was a child, and it’s ruining her life. When Dr. Phil takes a look beneath the surface of Alexandra’s struggle, what does he discover? Does Alex want to change? Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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How Young Woman’s Anxiety Is Affecting Her Behavior

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