Quevaughn says during a trip to a pizza restaurant with his friends, he was attacked with a pizza peel and left bloody and bruised.

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“I was called the N-word. The manager came outside the pizzeria and hit me with the pizza peel. I was hit multiple times with the pizza peel, including in the face,” claims Quevaughn. “I was knocked to the ground. I went in and out of consciousness. I definitely was scared.”

He alleges, “They singled me out. The reality is this wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t black.”

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Quevaughn joins Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode, along with a panel of experts to discuss “white privilege” and how it is affecting today’s society.

Dr. Peggy McIntosh, senior research scientist for Wellesley Center for Women, shares her thoughts. “A white privilege I have is if my day is going badly, or my week or my whole year is going badly, I don’t have to ask was there a racial angle here? I’m freed of that,” she says. “It makes sense for all of us to wonder what circumstances everybody else came from rather than project what we think onto them. And that brings more empathy and more compassion into our relationships.”

Hear more of the discussion in the video above. This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

Dr. Phil producers reached out to the manager of the pizzeria, and he has not returned calls.

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