“My mom is crazy, very psycho. Screaming constantly, just over everything, like the house is on fire,” says Stephanie. “We are constantly getting into fights every single day.”

The 23-year-old says her mother has called the cops on her, had her admitted to hospitals and claims she’s sent her to be “locked away in facilities” 20 or 30 times.

“I always feel like there’s something wrong with me because she’s constantly telling me that there is,” Stephanie says. “She’s always trying to diagnose me with multiple disorders.”

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Stephanie, who admits she has stolen money from her mother, confesses, “I have a lot of resentment toward my mom.”

However, Wendy claims her daughter is an out-of-control bully and says she has kicked her out of the house because she fears for her safety.

“My mom needs to stop being crazy – but I don’t know if she can change who she is,” Stephanie says.

Watch the video above to hear how this mother-and daughter interact. Does Stephanie take any ownership in her relationship with her mother? Can Dr. Phil get this mother and daughter to come to a truce? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Check here to see where you can watch.