Twenty-three-year-old Dillon claims that he has a mental illness and may have as many as 20 different personalities that come out at any time. Some of these personalities include twin boys, a cat named “Felix” who speaks with an Australian accent, and “Adam,” who his mother, Laurie, says is scary and prone to violent outbursts.

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“Since I was a kid, I’ve always heard voices and distinct ones. I didn’t tell people because I didn’t think they would understand or I thought that they would be scared of me,” says Dillon, who describes what it’s like living with multiple personalities on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “My life has always seemed like it has been moving toward some sort of chaos. Every day, I have to tell myself I’m still here.”

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Does Dillon say that he ever “switches personalities” on purpose? And can he turn his behavior off when he wants? Watch the video above as Dr. Phil questions his behavior.

And, on Wednesday, Dr. Phil speaks with Dillon’s mother and explains how she might be contributing to her son’s behavior. Watch more here.