Ginger admits that her lifestyle has “ruined” her life. “It’s stopped me from having a career, from going to school, and stopped my kids from having a mom,” says Ginger. “I might be killed, or I might drink myself to death, or overdose – who knows.”

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The 24-year-old admits she drinks up to two fifths a day, and that she used to do drugs when she was stripping. She says she then turned to prostitution but gave up that lifestyle because “every single day was scary.”

“The last few years, I’ve lived hotel to hotel, city to city with pimps. I’ve been raped twice. I was sexually assaulted and shot at with my own gun,” Ginger claims.

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On Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, Ginger faces off with her mom and half-sisters over the custody of her children. Is Ginger really ready to change her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.

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