Linda says her life became a living nightmare the night her 15-year-old daughter went out to walk the dog and didn’t return. With family, friends and loved ones desperate to find the missing girl, a massive search was launched and continued for the next 23 days, until Linda’s daughter was found.

Dr. Phil
show producers were on the phone with Linda the day she got the news her daughter was found and then flew with her to Missouri to reunite with her daughter.

Now, the teen girl sits down with Dr. Phil to speak for the first time publicly since she was rescued. Hear the detailed account of what she says began as an online relationship and escalated to an alleged predator taking her hundreds of miles across state lines to his home in Missouri. What does she say prompted her to leave her family's house that night? And what does she say happened while she was in Missouri?

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In part two on Friday, hear from the teen’s mother, father and stepfather, and see what happens that causes two of them to walk offstage.

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