Jordan and Madison claim their 17-year-old sister, Peyton, is a master manipulator who preys on their mother, Lora’s, emotions, and they say it has to stop. They also have claimed Peyton is physically and verbally abusive toward Lora, but they say Lora continues to look the other way and cover for her – even when the police are called to the house. Jordan and Madison say they can’t believe their mother is so naïve and they are at their breaking point.

Lora admits she has difficulty disciplining Peyton and that she’s lost all authority in her home, but says she doesn’t know how to end the sibling rivalry between her daughters.

Peyton admits she’s had some problems, but says her family just doesn’t understand her. Is Peyton’s behavior an attempt to get attention, or could something deeper be at play? Plus, Peyton makes a shocking confession. How will what she reveals impact her relationship with her mom and her sisters? Is this family ready to call a truce?

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