Anita, 73, who was married to the CEO of the popular fast food restaurant chain, Wendy’s, is now a felon convicted of scamming her former friends and employees out of a half million dollars. But the socialite, who once lived in a lavish home and mingled with celebrities, says she is the victim and was duped out of her $3 million dollar fortune by former Ohio State and NFL quarterback, Art Schlichter. Anita claims after all her money was gone, the former football star then pressured her to borrow money from others to give to him.

Anita’s former housekeeper, Sue, 72, says Anita asked to borrow $85,000 to buy football tickets and promised to repay her in 10 days with post-dated checks. So, Sue says she gladly took out a home equity loan and gave Anita the money, but when she tried to cash the checks, they bounced.

Was Anita a victim or was she a co-conspirator?

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