Julia and her 22-year-old daughter, Olivia, claim Olivia’s newborn daughter was taken away from her illegally and placed for adoption.

They claim Jyllian, the woman who adopted Olivia’s daughter, promised to provide them with pictures of the little girl and the opportunity to be part of her life, but they say she hasn’t done either.

They also say they don’t approve of what they claim is Jyllian’s lifestyle.

Jyllian adamantly denies making any promises about Evelyn to Olivia, says their claims are outrageous and that everything about the adoption was legal. She says in the past few months, things have gotten out of control, and she even had to get a restraining order against Olivia.

Jyllian claims both Julia and Olivia have posted pictures of her and slandered her, and she claims Olivia drives by her house and stalks her.

Jyllian says she lives in fear that they might kidnap her daughter and wants the harassment to stop so she can raise her child in peace. Can Dr. Phil bring calm to this situation?

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