Pat claims for the last nine months, her husband, Mira, has been injecting her with poison while she sleeps as well as poisoning her food, so he can molest their three teenage daughters.

Pat claims her husband of nearly 20 years has molested their daughters at least a 1,000 times, and claims she has caught him naked with their oldest daughter, as well as engaging in other inappropriate sexual acts.

Pat says she is doing all she can to protect her children from her husband, including sleeping on the floor in her girls’ bedrooms, barricading the doors, and setting up an “obstacle course” from her husband’s bedroom to their daughters’ rooms. Pat says she also has been trying to protect herself from her husband’s alleged poisonous injections by wearing a neck brace and helmet to bed.

Mira adamantly denies every allegation and says his wife’s accusations are part of a delusional and paranoid mental illness, and he is desperate for her to get help. Pat insists she is not “crazy,” and says her husband was behind her diagnosis of Schizophrenia and that he committed her to a mental health hospital twice, so he could continue his abuse.

How does Mira respond to the hundreds of photos of what Pat claims are needle injection marks all over her body? And, what do toxicology reports show?

Plus, Dr. Phil sits down with their three teenage daughters and asks them if their father has ever abused them.

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