Stephanie’s 21-year-old son, Malcolm, died in December after going into a coma following a 15-foot fall from a stairway railing. Malcolm’s 19-year-old girlfriend, Chloe, was the only person to witness Malcolm fall, and Stephanie says she is certain Chloe is responsible for her son’s death.

Stephanie and her sister Reba say they have been on a quest for the truth, including asking Chloe to take a polygraph test.They say Chloe initially agreed to take the polygraph – so why didn’t she take the exam?

Chloe says that Malcolm was drunk and that he lost his balance, and she and her sister Myranda say they want to clear their names and finally tell Chloe’s side of the story. Chloe and Stephanie see each other for the first time since Malcolm’s death on Dr. Phil’s stage.

Has Chloe been truthful, or are Stephanie’s suspicions correct? Can Dr. Phil help bring closure to this tragedy?

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