Marissa wrote to Dr. Phil begging for help with her mother, Vicki, who has been married to Marissa’s dad, Robert, for 34 years. Last September, Marissa says she was suspicious of her dad’s behavior and when she checked his phone, she claims she found text messages from a bounty hunter searching for a woman Robert allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with.

Marissa says she then investigated her dad’s computer and says she found emails that he sent to another woman , and an Internet history of checking out "pornographic" and "call girl" websites.

Marissa says she urged her mother to file for divorce, but Marissa says that when Vicki backed out, she cut off most communication with her mother.

Robert, who was a pastor for 23 years, admits that he had a relationship with a woman he met on a “call girl” website – and even spent more than $70,000 on her -- but claims it was mostly over the phone and that they only went as far as kissing. He insists that he is a victim and that he has told his wife and daughter the full truth about his "affair" – but Marissa says she thinks there’s more to the story. Dr. Phil attempts to get to the truth.

Plus, hear from Sam, the bounty hunter looking for a woman with whom he says Robert was involved, and who claims Robert withheld information about her whereabouts. 

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