Amber says in the year-and-a-half that she’s been married to her husband, Jim, things have gone from very good to very, very, bad. Gone are the expensive cars, fancy clothes, and an extremely lucrative golf pro shop and driving range. Amber says Jim is now unemployed and practically homeless -- and that it's all the result of Jim’s addiction to gambling, which she says she found out about shortly after they got married. Amber also claims that Jim has an anger problem that has spiraled so out of control, police have been called twice, and now she questions if her marriage will survive.

Jim, who admits to having a gambling problem, says he lies to Amber about his whereabouts to hide his gambling -- and that he even told her he had cancer and had to go in for treatment so he could spend a few weeks at the casino undisturbed. Find out how he’s able to go to as many as eight casinos in three states in one day!

Amber says she wants Dr. Phil to help Jim with his gambling addiction and “explosive anger” – but is Jim ready to face his problems?

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