Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Daniel and Lynsey, who are in a contentious custody battle with their 4-year-old daughter caught in the middle.

Lynsey claims their daughter told her that Daniel hurt her – but Daniel insists that Lynsey made false allegations of sexual abuse against him and the court ruled in Daniel's favor. Daniel’s father, Patrick, and mom, Rhonda, join the conversation, saying that Lynsey thrives on drama and they are worried for their granddaughter’s physical and emotional well-being.

Patrick claims that when Lynsey had custody of the child, she was rude, arrogant, abusive and took any opportunity she could to stab his family in the back. He also accuses her of making false allegations, breaking court orders and filing false police reports. Rhonda says she believes Lynsey has always coached her daughter against Daniel.

And, find out why Lynsey walks off stage. Plus, when asked to take a polygraph tests, will the parents agree?

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