Marty made local headlines after she says a visit to the emergency room with her then 16-week-old son turned into a “nightmare,” and she was accused of abuse by authorities.

Marty says that she was interrogated for eight hours and several days later, she was arrested and accused of biting her son, breaking several of his ribs and his shoulder bones.

She claims she was told she “should be thrown under the jail” for what she allegedly did to him, and that the baby was "ripped away" from her and her fiancé, Derrick, and immediately put into foster care. Marty says it has been almost two years since she and Derrick have seen their son; they say they have been denied any visitation or contact.

Marty vehemently denies harming her son and says there is a medical explanation for her son’s injuries, that does not involve abuse of any kind.

Could Marty’s son suffer from a medical condition that caused his bones to become fragile and break?  

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