Victoria says for years she’s been living in fear of her 15-year-old son, Angelo.

She claims that Angelo has spiraled out of control, and has become physically and verbally abusive toward her. She says Angelo has punched, slapped, and pushed her, and now she fears for her life … and the life of her 10-year-old daughter, who has called the police at least 21 times because of Victoria’s fights with Angelo.

Victoria admits that she voluntarily put Angelo and his older brother in foster care when Angelo was only 7 years old because she claims her sons were abusive toward her. She also admits that she has been in domestic violence relationships in the past that her sons have witnessed. Angelo says his mother is the one who is out of control, and that he has hit her only in self-defense.

Angelo, who says he feels his mother doesn’t love him, says he doesn’t know what to do when she comes after him. Angelo presents Dr. Phil with dramatic evidence of Victoria’s behavior at home and the devastating words she screams at him. Is the domestic violence in this home the result of an out-of-control teen, or an angry mother who has even called herself “a bad parent”?

Dr. Phil tries to get to the real root of the problem. Then,  Dave Navarro of the band Jane’s Addiction was only 15 years old when his mother, Connie, was murdered by an ex-boyfriend. Now, Dave and his friend Todd Newman have produced a documentary, "Morning Son" about his mother’s tragic and brutal death and what he says are “the horrific realities of domestic violence.”

And, Dave, who has now become an advocate for victims of domestic violence, shares a special message with Angelo.

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Dave Navarro’s 'Mourning Son' Documentary

Dave Navarro's mother, Connie, was murdered by a violent ex-boyfriend when Dave was 15 years old. Now, the Jane’s Addiction rocker and his friend, Todd Newman, have produced a documentary, "Mourning Son," which chronicles Dave's mother’s tragic and brutal death and the horrific realities of domestic violence. On Friday’s Dr. Phil, Dave talks about making the documentary and the message he hopes it sends.
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