Chris claims his ex-wife, Kelly, is completely unfit to be a mother and is constantly placing their two young daughters in harm’s way. Chris says Kelly’s “look-the-other-way” parenting style disgusts him and forced him to sell his business and move thousands of miles in a desperate attempt to save his daughters from their own mother.

Chris claims his ex allowed their oldest daughter to be intimate with a convicted 28-year-old sex offender when she was 14, and he gives Dr. Phil video evidence that Kelly allowed their underage and unlicensed daughter to take her mother’s car in the middle of winter.

Kelly says she is not a perfect parent, but asks if Chris is such a good father, why was he investigated by the state department of Health and Human Services after his daughter accused him of abusing her both physically and sexually? Chris admits he used a belt to discipline his girls, but says their mom coached them to make it appear much worse than it was, and he adamantly denies any sexual misconduct involving his daughter.

Plus, how does Chris, who says all the accusations against him have been created by his ex in order to further alienate him from his daughters, react to Dr. Phil’s conversation with Chris’ daughter?

Why Dad Says Teen Daughter Is Accusing Him Of Abuse
Before You Badmouth Your Ex To Your Kids, Watch This

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