Rachel says she is here to plead with Dr. Phil to get her husband of three-and-a-half years, Paul, to put down his game controller and pay attention to her! Rachel claims Paul uses his blood disorder as an excuse to play video games all day long instead of working. She says he has missed out on vacations, his daughter’s birthday parties and a few romantic “parties” that Rachel has wanted to have, all because he’s too busy gaming.

Paul says he tries to be around his family as much as he can, but that because of his serious medical condition, he needs to kick up his feet and escape into a virtual world. He says their marriage is in trouble because of much more than the video games.

Can Dr. Phil help this couple, potentially on the verge of divorce, find a compromise? 

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On yesterday's show, Dr. Phil met Aneska and her parents, who said their 12-year-old daughter had extreme anger issues. Will a brain scan help uncover the root of her behavior?

Plus, hear from Aneska’s 10-year-old sister, who says she’s afraid of Aneska. Aneska says she’s sorry her brothers and sisters are afraid of her, and she says she wishes she could stop herself from attacking them – although, she says she has one condition. Find out what can be done before Aneska’s behavior tears her family apart.

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