Donna and her ex-husband, Mark Senior, say they knew their daughter, Melissa, had been bullied in school and has struggled with low self-esteem, but claim she had a happy home life. The former couple says they have no idea why their 26-year-old daughter left home without telling them.

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“The impression I have is that she wanted to spread her wings. She wanted her independence,” says Mark Senior.

“What no one knows is that I’ve got deep, dark secrets that I’ve been hiding for years,” says Melissa.

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Melissa says she has “a lot of pain” that she has suppressed over the years. She also says the reason she moved over 2,000 miles away from her family is because she has “violent urges,” which she fears will lead her to harm her parents and her brother, Mark Junior.

Melissa’s family is unaware of her unsettling urges. Watch the recap of Monday’s Dr. Phil above, then tune in to Tuesday’s conclusion to find out what happens when Melissa tells them why she left.

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