Stefanie claims her mother, Cheryl, tries to run her life. “My mom is even blaming my boyfriend, Michael, for me not spending all my time with her,” claims the 26-year-old who says Cheryl has her feeling guilty about doing anything without her.

Stefanie, who has been living in her mother’s house, says Cheryl leaves multiple voice mails, gets upset if she doesn’t immediately respond to text messages, and demands that she adhere to a curfew.

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“She changed the locks because she doesn’t want me to come in after her 11 pm curfew. I’m 26 years old. Not 16 – 26!” Stefanie says she’s been sleeping in her car since being locked out of the house.

Cheryl claims Stefanie is “very disrespectful,” and has been shutting her out ever since she started dating Michael a year-and-a-half ago.

Can Dr. Phil help this mother and daughter find a way to resolve their differences? Tune in to Friday’s episode.

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