Danielle claims her boyfriend, Justin, has been abusive toward her, but says, “With the physical abuse, I always start it. I’ll punch him or lash out. He’ll detain me by putting me in a choke hold until I calm down.” Danielle claims, “One time, we were coming home from a bar and I started nagging him, getting in his face. Justin ended up slamming the door on my hand. Another time, we got into a fight and I ended up pushing his equipment. I ended up with a black eye.”

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She claims Justin has also been verbally abusive, calling her "crazy", "a raging lunatic" and a "bitch."

Danielle says despite Justin’s behavior, she loves him.

“I love Justin so much because we have a lot in common. We complement each other very well with our looks and we have great sexual chemistry,” Danielle says. “I love how good looking Justin is. Just by looking at him, he makes me feel like I’m melting. We have so much love that we can get through a lot of our issues.”

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However, Danielle’s parents say they fear for their daughter’s safety, and the 26-year-old says she feels caught between them and Justin.

“My mom is constantly saying bad things about Justin to me. She’ll say Justin is no good, that he is a narcissist,” Danielle says. “I feel really hurt when she says those things to me.”

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In the video above, hear more about Danielle and Justin’s relationship, including why she says they fled from New Orleans to Texas.

On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Justin. What does he say about his behavior? And, what does Dr. Phil think about their relationship? Check here to see where you can watch.

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