Alex says he will do absolutely anything to live his “bad and boujee” lifestyle. He admits he lies, cheats, and steals thousands of dollars from friends and family, just so he can live a lifestyle which includes shopping, tanning, and getting his hair done.

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Alex's sister, Elizabeth, claims their mom, Kimberly, is partly to blame for Alex’s behavior.

“She would give him her half of the rent, and Alex was using the money for drugs. There’s no way my mom is that naïve,” Elizabeth says. “My mom has known for years that Alex is stealing from her, and she does nothing about it.”

WATCH: 26-Year-Old Admits He Will ‘Do Anything’ To Keep Up His ‘Bad And Boujee’ Lifestyle
Kimberly says that Alex is a “master manipulator.” “If I don’t give into him, he will, ultimately, just go to the store and steal it,” she says.
Hear what Alex says about his relationship with his mom in the video above from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. And, Dr. Phil questions the authenticity of Alex’s lifestyle. Does he want to change? Check here to see where you can watch.