Nicole admits she’s been arrested for three DUIs in the past five years and hospitalized for alcohol poisoning on multiple occasions.

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“At my peak, I was drinking a liter of vodka a day,” she says.

Nicole’s mom, Christi, says her daughter’s issues aren’t just with alcohol. “Nicole suffers from multiple eating disorders. Nicole has even cut herself, and used other forms of self-harm.”

“When I was 13 I started cutting and hurting myself. I would hit myself with a hammer, a screwdriver, or a fist. It was my first way to escape my emotional pain and depression,” says the 27-year-old. She claims she stopped hurting herself at age 20 when she started to focus on excessive exercise. “If I couldn’t work out I would have full-blown panic attacks,” she says.

Nicole claims she’s been physically and emotionally abused as well as sexually assaulted. Why does Nicole say she doesn't like the person she sees in the mirror?

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‘I Almost Always Black Out,’ Claims Woman Who Admits She’s Addicted To Alcohol