Susan and Randy say that since their son, Jacob, failed his teaching observation twice last spring, the 27-year-old rarely leaves the house, barely leaves his room, and is virtually unable to function.

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“He hardly ever showers, and when he does shower, he usually doesn’t change his clothes,” says Randy. Noting that his son is overweight, smells of cigarettes, and refuses to brush his teeth or hair, Randy says, “I’ve confronted Jake about his hygiene. Jake just doesn’t seem to care.”

WATCH: ‘He’s Dependent On Us, And He Just Seems Stuck,’ Says Mom Of 27-Year-Old Son

“I definitely struggle with anxiety,” says Jacob. He says he feels like a failure and has “zero motivation” to do anything except play video games and smoke cigarettes. “But I look at my future, and it scares me that I may have wasted my life and not accomplished anything.”

Can Dr. Phil help Jacob find his way out of the “terrible funk” he says he’s been living in?

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