“I have a federal warrant out for my arrest, and it’s absolutely not my fault,” says 29-year-old Brandon. He says while driving around the country during his honeymoon, he mistakenly missed a Border Control checkpoint. “All of a sudden, I see law enforcement in my rear-view mirror. I did not feel comfortable stopping for my own safety and for my wife’s safety. I had 13-15 men around me manhandling me, two shotguns were up to my temples.”

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Brandon says authorities found Morning Glory seeds and charged him with possession of a controlled substance. But Brandon says he purchased the seeds legally and should not have been charged with a crime.

“It’s so ridiculous that the federal government caused this to happen when we simply had seeds for a plant,” he says.

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In violation of his probation, Brandon moved to Los Angeles to become a rock music drummer. He says he’s estranged from his parents because they don’t support his dream and he blames them for the position he’s in.

“I need my parents’ support for my music career to take off. With their help, I believe that I can make millions of dollars,” he says. “I believe it’s their responsibility. They had years to train me from nothing to something, and if I’m not something, wouldn’t it be their fault?”

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Hear more of his story in the video above. And on Friday’s episode, he faces off with his parents. Can this family find a way to heal? Check here to see where you can watch.

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