Elena admits she has a difficult time when boys break up with her. After a breakup a year ago, the 15-year-old says she didn’t know how to handle the situation and was checked into a mental health facility for a month. Recently, another boy broke up with her, and now she says she can’t go back to her former high school for fear of seeing him and others who will talk about the breakup.

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Her mother, Melanie, says their relationship is now strained because Elena is disobedient and distant.

In the video above, Dr. Phil offers three reasons Elena may have such severe reactions when boys no longer want to be in a relationship with her. And, he has powerful advice for Melanie, who has allowed her daughter to enter into these relationships – with adult behaviors, emotions and pain.

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On Tuesday’s episode, Life Coach Mike Bayer offers advice to Melanie for how she can become the best version of herself and a strong mother for Elena. Check here to see where you can watch.