Forrest has been living in his deceased grandmother’s house for the last four years.
“When I moved into my grandmother’s I was dealing with acute anxiety, paranoia, health problems that I’m still dealing with right now,” the 30-year-old says. “The reason that I’m still living where I am is because I’m genuinely terrified of interacting with people.”

Forrest describes his ailments in the video above – and says he hopes Dr. Phil can explain to his family that they are real.
On Monday’s episode, Forrest’s sisters speak out about their brother’s behavior – and accuse their mother of enabling him. Forrest’s mother says she tries not to enable him, but is afraid that he’ll starve to death. Plus, Forrest has said that he would rather be homeless than get a job, so Coach Mike Bayer takes him out to the streets to see what it’s like to be homeless. Check local listings to see where you can watch "'Help! My Brother Would Rather Be Homeless Than Get a Job.'"

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