Forrest has been living in his deceased grandmother’s house for the last four years. He claims he has numerous medical conditions and that he’s terrified of interacting with people, so that’s why he hasn’t left.
His sisters say the room where he lives is filthy and call it the “cave.” They also say that he’s told them he would rather be homeless than get a job.

Dr. Phil arranged for life coach and bestselling author Mike Bayer to give Forrest a taste of life on the streets. Watch what happens in the video above.
Is Forrest ready to change his life? Watch more from Monday’s episode, "'Help! My Brother Would Rather be Homeless Than Get a Job.'" And, check local listings to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil.

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WATCH: 30-Year-Old Says He Can’t Leave His Deceased Grandma’s House Because Of Anxiety, Paranoia, Mental Disorder