“I am a gambling addict,” says 34-year-old Charles. “The past five years, gambling has taken over and absolutely kicked my ass.”
The married father says he has probably lost $100,000 or more gambling. He says while he realizes that he has a wife and daughter to care for and hasn’t gambled in two months, he fears he could easily pick up the habit again.

“I knew I was addicted to gambling when the day after I lost all my money, I got about $75, and I just felt myself turning the steering wheel to the casino,” Charles says. “When it comes to gambling, you’re like, 'Ooh. I could just get, like, $1,000 real quick, and that would make my family’s life a lot better' … I could gamble any day now. I’m not safe from this.”
Hear more of Charles’ story in the video above.
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